The Future Of Robots

My class and I saw the film “Spare Parts”. The film was centred around Mexican immigrants «Dreamers» in the U.S. They are paperless and struggle whit that every day. they never know when the police come knocking on their door. As a result, the boys are refused services and one wants to join the army. He is refused because of his paper problems. They compete in at Engineering contest and win first place against college when they are high school themselves.

I was surprised that the Carl Hayden students won against MIT students, I would expect that they would get second place or something. Not the first place. Way the main characters won the comparison was never clear, however, I think that they won because of the budget. They built the robot for little under 800 dollars, and the students at MIT built there for 18 000. They improved and had to compensate every time they were buying something. That was because they had a very low budget. The most emotional scene was when one of the “Dreamers” father came and saw his son at the rewords.

What this story tells us is that robots do not have to be expensive. Robots should be cheaper because if they become cheaper we can youse them in all fields. Transport, industry, education, etc.


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