Before the flood

We saw before the flood in class today, a documentary depicting climate change. The documentary was fantastic, not surprisingly since Leonardo DiCaprio created the film. I had seen the documentary before and thought that I remembered what the documentary addressed. However, when I saw it again, I must admit that I was moved. And got the feeling that I wanted to start in an environmental organisation. And I have asked my parents if we can eat fish 4 dinners a week. I learned more specifically what is wrong with raising cattle, and why global warming is extremely dangerous for Norway. Because of global warming the north pole and the Greenland ice is melting and the cold water that they release into the golf stream Northern Europa will become very cold.

Something that surprised me was that the UN chose the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio to be their messenger of peace. I thought about it and concluded that it was a Brilliant move by the UN. It is a great way to inform the people of the world and to gather attention around the global warming topic.


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