A Good Citizen

Paying taxes and working and voluntary work is the most important traits of the ideal citizen. Working and paying taxes is Vital for a sosatie to grow. We are working as doctors, lawyers, butcher’s, wishing ladies, and so on. Form this jobs capital is created and taxes are paid. That marks the lives of the people in society easier.  In a welfare state, the taxes are high but the public services are also higher. Democrats are often welfare states because the people are In charge. It is not like a dictatorship.

Voluntary work is important, society can mobilise people to do work. Like the problem with global warming. Mankind is faced with the horrors of global warming and we know that the future will bring storms, hurricane’s, flood’s, droughts and other natural disasters. This is way voluntary work will be more important. We need to help each other and do more voluntary work.

Standing up for what you believe is right:

Edward Snowden was born in Elisabeth city, North Carolina. He was the whistleblower, that told the world that the American National security Agency (NSA), was spying on the seviliens across the world, including its own citizens. He now lives in exile in Russia. If he returns to the United States he will be trialled for treason. his whistleblowing made the world aware of how much spying the Americans actually did.

America is quite divided on whether or not Snowden was a good citizen. Some argue that he was doing something right and that the American government misused their trust and invaded their people’s privacy. Others will argue that the government were protecting its people and that Snowden was a traitor.

In Marlkana, South Africa, Platinum miners workers strike after many got injured, and some killed. The strike ended after 5 months and the result was that the miners earned extra R1000(55 English pounds) per month. South Africa is home to about 80% of the worlds platinum reserves. The miners had a strike because of low pay and harsh conditions. The strike caused the platinum industry 1.2million ounces, worth about 2.25 billion dollars.

The miners are good citizens because of the risk their lives every day for the platinum production. They don`t get paid much so the strike, was understandable. Luckily they got a bigger monthly payment.


The Black snake

The Dakota across pipeline known as black snake pipeline was a plan to build an oil pipeline across Dakota. The Indians demonstrated against the pipeline and received support from the world community. The pipelines crossed their native land, and if the pipeline would leak, it would destroy their supply of fresh water.

The native people are good citizents, but the government that is supposed to protect them and their interest. Betrayed their people and defined their rights.




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