What is the story behind the wall?

Trump says that we need the wall to protect us from drugs, crime and illegal immigration. And ha wanst Mexico to pay for the wall. This could be true, or it could be scaremongering. trump based his campaign on the fear of immigration and wan the election. personally, I think that it was a scare tactic.

Why is it so important?

The wall is estimated to cost around 5.7 billion dollars. this money could be used on border security and or it could be used to integrate the refugees that cross the border.

What is a government shutdown? Is this the first time this happens?

A government shutdown is a result of when Congress budget is not approved. As a result, many governments services stop and other government-funded projects dos, not receive funding. The first government shutdown was in 1980, under the Carther administration.

Are there any similarities to the building a wall along the Mexican border and Brexit?

Both Brexit and Mexican border is both a product of fear. The fear of immigration, this unites the people and places the focus on the problem of immigration.

Who is affected by this shutdown?

The shutdown affects public workers. As it is a result of the government not paying for its programmes.

What does the “Buck stops with me” mean.

The phrase “Buck stops with me” was used by President Truman. It means that you have to take responsibility for your one actions as a leader.


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