Climate young

Today in class we were in India and Israel. We skyped with students from both India and Israel. This was both fun, interesting and educational. The subject of the conversation was climate change and global warming. As both countries are south of Norway and are closer climate-wise they faced many of the same problems. They had problems with extreme heat and water. In India, there was a flood near a temple where people prayed for Shiva. The people in the temple survived, but the people around died. 130 died, and 70000 pilgrims where stranded on a mountain.

In Australia, climate change has forced koala bears to go to the cities and scavenger for water. Two young girls from South Australia expressed that the young people in Australia are sincerely concerned. They want the government to ban plastic bags in all of Australia. Some children from Bali have worked with the same issue and been successful. They stod at an airport and asked for signatures and went on a hunger strike just like Gandhi with the slogan «by, by the plastic bag». And now there are no plastic bags in Bali.

Young people in Belgium are also working for the Climate. On this Friday they are planning to be civil disobedient as a protest to their governments’ policies on climate change. Just like Mahatma Gandhi and dr. Martin Luther King, they are protesting in peace, by doing what every child wants, dropping school.


The Incarceration of The Black Population

«lest look at the statistics, America has 5% of the world’s population. And 25% of the worlds incarcerated «- Obama

after the American civil war, someone had to rebuild the south. That, someone, was the «negro». The newly released black man was imprisoned to become a modern slave. The American prison system is a big labour camp. american corporations just the chip labour in industries and manufacturing. And this is hurting the black population the most. 40.2% of people in American prisons are black, while they just are 6.5 %of the American population. this fact is absolutely scary and the US government most reform the prison system and polices forces.


What is the story behind the wall?

Trump says that we need the wall to protect us from drugs, crime and illegal immigration. And ha wanst Mexico to pay for the wall. This could be true, or it could be scaremongering. trump based his campaign on the fear of immigration and wan the election. personally, I think that it was a scare tactic.

Why is it so important?

The wall is estimated to cost around 5.7 billion dollars. this money could be used on border security and or it could be used to integrate the refugees that cross the border.

What is a government shutdown? Is this the first time this happens?

A government shutdown is a result of when Congress budget is not approved. As a result, many governments services stop and other government-funded projects dos, not receive funding. The first government shutdown was in 1980, under the Carther administration.

Are there any similarities to the building a wall along the Mexican border and Brexit?

Both Brexit and Mexican border is both a product of fear. The fear of immigration, this unites the people and places the focus on the problem of immigration.

Who is affected by this shutdown?

The shutdown affects public workers. As it is a result of the government not paying for its programmes.

What does the “Buck stops with me” mean.

The phrase “Buck stops with me” was used by President Truman. It means that you have to take responsibility for your one actions as a leader.

One Cuntery Tree Systems

Xi Jinping’s new year speech has gotten a lot of attention. Chairman Xi complimented the Chinese people for there achievements this year. He thanked the soldier’s aboard, the taxi-drivers, and the people that had to work on new years eve. this, however, was not the centre pees of discussion. Chinese wish to unify with Taiwan has existed sins 1949 when the Chinese peoples Republik was declared and the Republic of China fled to Taiwan. In the speech chairman Xi announced that the Chinese peoples Republik government was prepared to jus military action if Taiwan didn’t want to unify with the People Republik of China.

After Hong Kong was transferred over to China form the United Kingdom in 1997, Hong Kong has been ruled by a system called «one nation, two systems». This means that Hong Kong has self-rule, but is a part of China. This is a system that could work with Taiwan too, but the government of Taiwan has worked to prevent a unification with China. The current leader of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen and her party is against unification with China, and they won the local elections in 2018. that is an indication that they have the people behind them.

Relatert bilde

The Democratic Progressive Party Tsai Ing-wen is against unification because they do not view them self as Chinese but as Taiwanese. This is a contrast to the Kuomintang that wants China under them self just like in 1911. They view them self as Chinese but they only got 27% of the votes in 2018 counter to The Democratic Progressive how got 44% according to Wikipedia. This could mean that the people of Taiwan’s view of them self are changing.


election results:


A day’s wait and the lost generation

Today in class we read «A day’s wait» by Ernest Hemingway. The story is about a German boy who has a fever and an American dad. They are told by a doctor that he has 102 Fahrenheit. This scares the boy that thinks he is going to die because he is European and thinks it is degrees Celsius. Therefore the boy wanders a whole day thinking he is going to die.Relatert bilde

Ass a member of «the lost generation» he had was a troubled man. A man with alcohol problems and psychological problems. The generation became the lost generation because of the first world war. People did not talk about the war and there for the war-traumatized young men did not receive any help or support and ass a result they turned to the bottle. PTID was also known ass shell shook influenced the whole generation.


Is It Brave To Suffer In Silence

Is it Brave to suffer in silence, my teacher asked. To answer a question like that one most answer what is to suffer. Is it having a bad day or knowing that you won’t live any longer than to the age of 20. Dos it takes courage to live a life in pain alone? Or is it just stupidity? Or are you, in fact, protecting others from your suffering that is the Brave thing to do? To suffer I silence has nothing to whit being brave.