My reading «ABOUT A BOY»

Character development.

“Marcus came out of his room scowling. “I’m bored. Can I go and get a video?” Will couldn’t  resist it: he had a theory he wanted to test out. “Hey, Fiona. Why don’t you get your sheet music out, and we can murder ‘Both Sides Now’? “Would you like to?” “Yeah. Sure.” But he was watching Marcus, whose expression was that of a boy who had been asked to dance naked before a mixed audience of supermodels and cousins. “Please , Mum. Don’t.” “Don’t be silly. You love singing. You love Joni Mitchell.” “I don’t. Not anymore. I bloody hate Joni Mitchell.” Will knew then, beyond any shadow of of doubt, that Marcus would be OK.”

This is the last part of the book and it shows the development om Marcus. At the start of the book Marcus acts like a sissy and does not stop being a sissy until he hangs whit Elle and when Elle starts drinking on the train.


“His mum was sad, he knew that-she cried a lot now, more than she did before they moved to London, …”

The book is set in London, Marcus and his mum lived in Cambridge.


“That was his mother. When she wasn’t crying over the breakfast cereal, she was laughing about killing herself.”

The theme of the book is about suicide, depression, love problems and bullying. The quote is very deep and describes the whole book.


“»What’s that floating next to it?» Will asked. «Is that the bread you threw at it?»

Marcus nodded unhappily.

«That’s not a sandwich, that’s a bloody french loaf. No wonder it keeled over. That would’ve killed me.””

This quote sets the stage for the rest of the book. After this quote, Marcus`s world falls tumbling down.


  1. Where is the book sett?
  2. Who are the main characters?
  3. What happens in the book?
  4. What is the turning point?
  5. What is the theme?
  6. Who would you recommend the book to?

The Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is according to Barbara Oakley one of the best studying technique. The technique says that you have to work intensely in 25 min without destruction’s, followed by a rewording. The reword does not have to be a treat, it could be anything from a walk to a Youtube video.

Barbara Oakley does also have a technique if you have “hit a learning wall”. She says that you have to stop working. That will turn on a part of your brain that is not active when we are concentrating. According to miss Oakley, the brain will if you are working on a math question that you do not understand. Work on the problem while you are resting, and when you come back it will be easier.

The Hurricane Secret

A hurricane hit Puerto Rico last yare. The government of Puerto Rico claimed that the death toll was at 64 people, but in reality, the hurricane took the lives of almost 3 000 people. The government lied about the death of almost 3 000 of its own people.

The last death numbers from Hurricane Florence are 42 according to CBS News. It wouldn’t surprise me if the death toll is a lot Higher. It is frightening that the government is able to manipulate the numbers because we should be able to trust our government and our governments should be trusted.

How to win an argument

To win an argument is not easy, that being said it is not impossible.

If we are discussing how to win arguments we have to find out what makes a person change his or her mind. The three points that are important to know are the beliefs, ideas and values of the person you are debating. A study in 2017 said that a group of liberals were more likely to support increased military funding if you argued for the equality and the job opportunity it makes for people that has fewer options in life. this worked because liberals value equality over loyalty. If the study had conservatives instead of liberals they would have to use loyalty instead of equality when discussing increased military spending.

«About a boy», Nick Hornby

The book «about a boy» is about the life of a grown man that is childish and a boy that gets bullied. The boy’s mother was not very normal and also had a lot of boyfriends. Will the «grown» man was a lazy, selfish and egotistical. I chose this book because it seemed interesting, or more interesting than the other book my teacher Bilderesultat for about a boy bookallowed us to choose from.

I read the to first chapters and the book didn’t seem interesting, rather it would be preferable to a younger audience. It had a lot of dialogues and could almost be a comic. I can’t say I am excited to read this book, but ill try to stay positive.

The questions my teacher forced me to write.

My name is Jakob, I live near Oslo and I go to Sandvika high school.

I am majoring in business and marketing. My first week at this school has been interesting, I thug that high school was going to be hard and I was right. We are already forced to make a blog, and we have to compare it with our teacher that has had a blog for 10. Tomorrow we have to start a business after only one week with the subject.